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Welcome to the Teacher Zone. Here you will find everything you need to make a successful class visit. Use the drop down menus to find pre-visit information. Find out about our interactive workshops and activities for each key stage with their curriculum links as well as downloadable resources for follow-up work in the classroom. You may also want to include a boat trip on the canal as part of your visit. If you are already familiar with the museum and would like to book a workshop or discuss your visit you can contact our Education officer directly at

London Canal Museum is the only London museum of inland waterways. Your class will take a step back in time and bring the past to life when they go inside a beautifully restored narrow boat cabin and see how people lived and carried cargos on board. The collection is housed in a former Victorian ice warehouse, originally built for Carlo Gatti, the famous ice cream maker. Peer down into our Victorian ice well and see how the horses were kept in our Victorian stables. The museum tells the story of London's canals, from the early days as important trade routes in the 19th and 20th centuries, to today's leisure uses. We not only cover the origins of canals and the economic impact of their construction but also the social history of the people who lived and worked on them and the trade they carried

The museum aims to provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for everyone. Our Education Development Officer is currently developing services for schools, community groups, families and adults. Teachers can book fun interactive workshops which tie in with the QCA National Curriculum, extending their understanding and applying new context to what they may be doing in the classroom.

The Teacher Zone is for teachers, home educators, and others with a professionl interest in museum education. It will help you get the best from the education resources on the website, in the museum and on the canals themselves. For best results we suggest using all three!

The canals played a vital part in our history, and today they offer a wonderful resource for education. The museum can help with key areas of the National Curriculum and the opportunities for cross curricular learning will enable you to make excellent use of the time spent on a visit.

Another insight into the Victorian period comes from the ice trade for which the museum was built. We have a uniquely preserved ice storage well to peer into and an exhibition on the trade in natural ice. A visit can encompass not only history but a wide spectrum of the curriculum and we provide the resources to help make your visit valuable.

We offer a free preliminary planning visit for teachers. You can also discuss your visit with one of our education team. (this may sometimes be by telephone)

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