Guidance on Navigation


This page is to help you find your way around the site and point you to other pages that will help you find what you are looking for.


The website is one of the largest museum sites in the UK with over 700 pages. It therefore has to be broken up into sections. These sections can be considered as departments. Some of them are large subsidiary websites in their own right. Some pages are located in the home section, covering a variety of topics that do not fit into one of the more specialised sections.


Almost all pages (except in Education) now have pull-down menus. You need a browser that supports Javascript to use these but the site is designed so that disabled people using special software can also make full use of the site. It is also designed with PDA users, running Windows Mobile, in mind.

To the right of the menu name you will see a small arrow. Hold the pointer over ths to see the menu, then move the pointer down and you will see menu options highlighted.

The red H symbol in a menu indicates a section home page, so choose that option to see menus covering everything in that section.

Other Navigation Aids

On the home page two other navigation aids are provided:

The Search Facility

There is a search facility on the home page. This enables you to search this website for topics using keywords. It is automatically updated regularly but not every day, so it could be very slightly out of date.

Don't forget to read the search tips if you have difficulty using the search tool

Other places to find help

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