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Enjoy a challenge as a family! Take the challenge to ignite your ingenuity and gear up your grey cells whilst having fun and learning! These days are for small family groups to compete for prizes on activities that are based on a theme such as science, history, transport, engineering, archaeology or art related to the museum and its subjects. Bring a group to London Canal Museum and have a go at building bridges, floating boats and other brain-teasing activities. Collect points and win prizes! Your group should have 3-6 people, including one or two adults and at least 1 child under 10.

Family Science Challenge at London Canal Museum

23rd July 2016

A day of learning and fun activities for adults and children in family teams.

The Archaeology Puzzle

Marvel at the amazing artifacts from the Museum of London

A collection of artifacts from the Museum of London Archaeology collection will be available to puzzle over. What are they? Try handling them.

The Rubbish Bin Challenge

Decipher a story by looking through a bin of rubbish

Can your team read the clues from the content of a rubbish bin to work out what the users of the bin have been doing? This is similar to the process that archaeologists go through.

Muddled Mud Layers Mystery

Stratification - the ordering of objects by date

Can your team sort a collection of artifacts into date order? This is a key archaeolgical skill

The Jumbled Jigsaw Challenge

Rebuild a jigsaw, representing a china object

Archaeologists try to rebuild everyday items that are found in the ground - your team's challenge is to recreate this process using a jigsaw

At the end of your time with us, collect your team’s Archaeology Explorer Certificate.

Times, Prices, Booking

Come and join the fun on 23rd July any time between 11am and 3pm.

Pre booking is suggested – contact Cathy on to reserve your places

Your group should be a group of 3-6 people, including one or two 2 adults and at least 1 child under 10. The cost is £15 per group. To book, contact Cathy: This cannot be booked by telephone.

Aims of the Day

The Family Challenge Day is part of the Festival of Archaeology. The aim of the day is to give families (the adults as well as the kids!) the chance to explore, experiment and tackle archaeological topics through a series of challenges and puzzles, with rewards and prizes for the participating teams.

Future Challenge Days

Look out for more Family Challenge Days later in the year. Details will be found on this page, and on our Facebook page.

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