Angel Canal Festival Over The Years

Festival on Water

Introducing the festival

Since 1986, the first Sunday in September has been the date of the Angel Canal Festival every year. But not in 2020. Due to the impact of coronavirus there is no 2020 festival. This exhibition aims to provide a flavour of the festival since the turn of the century. It isn't a full history, more an esoteric collection of the most pleasing pictures available.

The exhibition has been put together by London Canal Museum and we would like to thank the contributors

Festival on Water

The festival takes place around City Road Lock, Islington, and the north of the City Road Basin, and extends to some surrounding streets and of course the towpath. We start this exhibition with some pictures of the festival on the water.

A human angel on top of a boat

The narrowboat Helix carries a symbolic angel, 2007. The boat belongs to the late Alex Nunes, who is seen with wife Jenny.


A brave and sporting Mayor of Islington, 2016

Narrowboat full of passengers on the water

The passenger boat Jenny Wren always does trips through Islington Tunnel

Canoes gathered with young canoists

Canues from Islington Boat Club are a lot of fun! 2005

A small open boat tows a large mock swan

2007. A big bird afloat.

Kids on board a boat club open boat

Islington Boat Club plays a central role each year - it is a water based youth club and more, based in the basin.

A lone adult paddles a tiny round boat

The smallest boat of the festival? 2007.

Crew look up from historic boat

In 2012 the historic horse boat Ilkeston visited the festival after an epic journey from the National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port, to the London Canal Museum. The LCM crew can be seen looking up at the camera as the boat passes through the lock.

People crowded on the front of red narrowboat

The community boat Angel has always taken a leading role. In 2012, bringing the Mayoral party to the site.

Musician poses beside colourful tug boat

The London Canal Museum's tug Bantam IV receives a serenade, in 2003

A young man waves from near immersion in the water

He's having fun really, he isn't drowning! 2017

Young adults in a floating hot tub boat

The floating hot tub is a recent addition to the London canal scene. 2017.

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