Disposal of Surplus Artifacts/Furniture

In respect of items other than artifacts we seek to be a responsible, environmentally aware organisation and to dispose thoughtfully of unwanted items which are not museum artifacts such as old furniture, materials, or equipment.

On this page you will see details of what we are offering, free of charge to good homes. Artifacts are only offered to UK Registered Museums in the first instance but expressions of interest from non-registered museums or other good homes will be welcome and will be held on file in case no Registered Museum is interested. Other items are offered to any organisation, with museums, charities, and community groups especially encouraged to get in touch. In all cases the items are offered free of charge, but the recipient will have to arrange and pay for transport.

Book Case

Book case in good condition, wood veneer effect. Width 31.5 inches, depth 11inches, height 6 feet 8 inches. Suitable for library or office use. Available to any good cause, this is not restricted to registered museums as this is just a piece of furniture not an artifact.


We have a couple of older Pentium computers and monitors available for disposal.


Please contact Martin Sach, Chair, preferably by e-mail, or by writing to London Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Road, London N1 9RT. E-mail an enquiry now. If you want to discuss an item, please leave daytime and evening telephone numbers if possible, not just an office hours number..