Diary of an Act

Date Progress
Most of 1768 Preparations for an application to Parliament
29th November 1768 Petition submitted to Parliament
4th February 1769 Promoter's meeting with supporters
15th February 1769 Second reading in the House of Commons
February 1769 Various petitions against the Bill received by Parliament.
13th March 1769 Report of a Committee of Parliament, appointed to study the proposals. Now the Bill is ordered to be printed.
16th March 1769 The House of Commons hears the views of the ship owners who carry goods by sea on the east coast of England.
20th March 1769 The Bill is re-examined by the House of Commons
22nd March 1769 The house passes a motion to delay further consideration of the Bill until 4th April.
17th April 1769 The Bill is considered by the House of Lords
19th April 1769 The Bill is passed by the House of Lords
21st April 1769 The Bill received the Royal Assent from His Majesty King George III.

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