Example of a Company - The Oxford Canal

Heading on Oxford Canal Company's accounts

The company's capital, that is, the money to start it, was 1,500 shares of £100 value each. Some of the shareholders, or part-owners, of the company, are listed below.

Subscriber No of Shares Amount paid
Duke of Marlborough 50 £5,000
Marquis of Blandford 50 £5,000
R Newdigate 20 £2,000
F. Page 20 £2,000
Lord C Spencer 20 £2,000
Lord R. Spencer 20 £2,000
James Brindley 20 £2,000
Nathan Wetherell, Vice Chancellor,
Oxford University
20 £2,000
Oxford City Council 18 £1,800
Others alltogether 1262 £126,200
When the company made a profit, the profits could be distributed to the shareholders, who owned it, in proportion to the number of shares each of them owned. This is called a "dividend". The basic principle of company organisation remains the same today. The canal companies were amongst the first organisations to be formed in this way.

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