Filming and Photography

A varied photoshoot location


The museum offers an attractive backdrop for filming and photography. It is suitable for still product photography, fashion photography, filmed interviews, or as a backdrop to videos. It has surroundings that could be the set for dramatic scenes, and a traditional narrowboat cabin. The natural brick walls are an attractive feature of the building, which has an industrial atmosphere. A fine Victorian timber roof of exposed timber beams has barn-like qualities. The exhibits provide a varied background to a scene intended to be set in a museum.

A Setting with Character

The museum's exhibits are colourful and photogenic. They can be used as a backdrop to interviews, presenters' explanations, and in connection with programmes about transport, waterways, and industrial history. We have even been used as a background for a financial advice programme! As an unusual and colourful place to make programmes, the museum has a lot to offer.

Two presenters speak to camera, behind scenic arch camera is seen

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos cover a wide range of topics. Shooting an interview or a scene in the museum may be appropriate to topics concerned with heritage, transport heritage, London's history, economic history, or of course canals and waterways.


Interviewing a spokesman, commentator, celebrity or subject expert in front of a camera requires a suitable background. The museum offers colourful exhibits, the narrowboat cabin, brick walls, or a meeting room providing a neutral background where this is preferred.

Camera and crew are silhouetted against colourful background for narrowboat cabin

Two children's cases on the stern of boat, tiller above them

Product Photography

Taking still pictures of a product involves a careful choice of location. Our locations include the colourful narrowboat Coronis, walled surroundings, a stable stall, the steep horse ramp, and a range of industrial and heritage decor.

A children's suitcase on top of red painted boat cabin


Boats and canals may represent the great outdoors without the uncertainty of the weather in the real outdoors. The brick walls present a neutral but attractive background location for fashion photography in a central London location.

Stairs descending with brick walls to left and ahead

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