Practical Information

Planning a photoshoot or filming


On this page we provide a range of practical information to help you plan filming or photography. We are willing to work outside our normal opening hours where the work is best done without interruption by museum visitors or where the needs of our visitors would restrict the filming opportunity. We don't close any part of the museum to visitors (except for a very short time) when it is advertised as open and aim to always be able to provide museum visitors with the service that they expect.

Availability times

Filming or photography can take place in the museum at any time of the day or night. However during our public opening hours only limited filming and photography can take place that does not interfere with enjoyment of the museum by our visitors.

During Opening Hours

Opening hours are 1000 to 1630 Tuesdays to Sundays, plus bank holiday Mondays, and on the first Thursday of the month we have an evening event so are open from 1000 until about 2130. During these opening hours limited filming and photography can take place. The following restrictions apply:

Large camera in front of exhibitsDuring opening hours visitors may be walking around and may get in shot. Crews should avoid photographing child visitors unless parental consent is obtained.

Outside Opening Hours

When the museum is closed to the public there is a great deal more scope for larger-scale operations to take place. There are no restrictions on equipment, lighting, or cameras and the crew can set up scenes as they wish without interruption. Whilst we cannot always prevent external noise, generally quiet is available. Filming can take place at any time outside museum hours including overnight. However, availability of museum staff may limit the times we can offer. Because the museum is closed on most Mondays, this is a reccommended day for long film shoots, especially if daylight is an advantage. If filming takes place after 2300 we will need to discuss any potential nuisance to neighbours and there may be restrictions. In the evenings loud music will generally not be permitted.

Our Location

We are located at King's Cross in central London. This is an excellent location for easy access being close to a major transport hub. For a location map and transport information see the page Find Us in the "Visit" section


When a fee is being paid, or where we have agreed to waive charges due to the publicity value of the work being done, tea and coffee at reasnable intervals are generally provided at no extra cost for those working on the job.

When we offer facilities free of charge, refreshments are not included but our hot drinks machine is available.

If the shoot is a long operation, we have facilities for use by a caterer, or there are plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants. Food can be delivered to the museum and space can be provided for crew meals.


Two people stand in front of colourful boat, photographer in foregroundFor commerical filming and photography, a fee is charged. As a rough guide, between 0800 and 2000 expect to pay around £80 per hour plus VAT outside our opening hours. During our opening hours facilities are more limited so expect to pay around £50 per hour plus VAT

Where there is significant publicity value to the museum, we may agree to reduce or waive the fee. For example, if the museum will be featured, recognisably, in a mainstream television programme, or will be clearly mentioned in commentary, this could constitute publicity value. A credit will be insufficient. We may agree to waive the charge for news reporting of topical issues. Essentially we will be looking for either publicity or a fee or a combination of the two.

We will agree to waive the fee in most cases where students wish to film in the course of projects that are part of their studies, provided that this can be done during museum hours without disruption to visiting and without requiring a significant amount of museum staff time.


The museum has a collection of spotlights that can be used to add lighting but we do not have photographic lighting equipment.This should be supplied by you.


There is level access to the ground floor from the street. Vehicles may be unloaded outside but during the daytime must be taken elsewhere to be parked. There is easy parking in the evenings. The first floor is accessed by stairs, or by a steep ramp, with appropriate care and caution. There are wheelchair lifts that may be used for equipment so long as the weight limit is respected.

Contact Us

To contact us about filming please e-mail E-mail is monitored from morning until late evening every day. During opening hours you can also telephone us on 020 7713 0836. At all times it is best to e-mail us.