The 2013 Project

Ice Well Conservation 2100

Ice House

Ice Well Conservation 2100 is a major project to carry out essential repair work to our historic building and to enhance public knowledge and appreciation of the ice trade. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and by the museum's own resouces.

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The project value is £139,300 of which £99,300 is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and £40,000 is funded by the Canal Museum Trust (the charity behind the museum). It is forecast that, in fact, the Trust will contribute around £50,000 to the project in cash and a further amount in non-cash contributions such as volunteer work, use of premises etc.

The project combines a "hard side" of physical building work on site with a "soft side" of public education and increased opportunities for the public to get up close to a unique part of London's heritage and learn more about the forgotten ice trade.