Boat and Bus Charter

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Venue Hire

There are few venues in London at which you can arrive by boat for your function. A boat trip ads an extra dimension to many types of function and the appeal of boats seems to transcend all ages and cultures. We have our own mooring immediately behind the building, with a distance from boat to door of only a few feet. If boat travel is not practicable, you can still enjoy a transport of delight by booking a heritage bus.

Boat trips

A boat trip on the Regent's Canal is a terrific addition to many types of event. Boats can bring guests from Islington or Hackney to the East, Camden or Little Venice (Paddington), to the west. Canal travel is slow - an hour to two hours is needed for the trip depending on your route. The route from Little Venice is via the picturesque permitter of Regent's Park, then past the bustle of Camden. There are four locks on the journey. The route from the east also has locks. What is more, if you come from the east, or make a diversion, you travel through a long canal tunnel - something many guests may never have done before. The canal is mainly industrial with lots of reminders of our heritage. Notes on the history can be provided by the museum if you wish.

Dinner or drinks reception cruises can also be arranged following on after a business or social event in the museum. Why not end your conference at the museum by cruising into the sunset?

Narrowboats are of the traditional long narrow shape and some are suitable for a larger number of passengers but not for more than light catering. Restaurant boats can be used for passenger carrying and are larger, with a kitchen on board. They can accommodate a dinner cruise.

Recommended Boats

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Click on small picture for larger picture Boat Name(s) Base location Boat Operator Capacity Description
Narrowboat with big picture windows with moored boats and buildings behind Long Tom Islington Islington Community Canalboat Trust 12 This boat is jointly owned by London Canal Museum and Islington Community Canalboat Trust. The latter is responsible for private charter. The boat is enclosed against the weather but has large windows that open to provide open-air cruising in good weather.
Wide boat My Fair Lady against backdrop of buildings My Fair Lady Camden Walker's Quay 98 A fully enclosed, heated, all-year-round hospitality boat with full kitchen facilities. Can be chartered to bring large groups of guests to the museum for a function, or can provide a restaurant cruise departing from or arriving at the museum for a smaller number of guests.
The Jenny Wren, traditional narrowboat Jenny Wren Camden Walker's Quay 72 A traditional narrowboat with open accommodation perfect for summer trips, but with protection in the event of rain.
Narrowboat Jason Jason Paddington Jason's Trip 48 One of the oldest working narrowboats on the canal system, Jason is a traditional boat with open accommodation perfect for summer trips, but with protection in the event of rain.
Passenger narrowboat on the canal with greenery behind Freda Islington The Copper Quay 42 Built in 2016, this narrowboat is locally-based and offers sheltered or open accommodation according to the weather.
Historic narrowboat Tarporley Tarporley King's Cross Camden Canals and Narrowboat Association 12 A historic narrowboat with a small open deck at the front.
Narrowboat Angel Angel II Islington Islington Community Canal Boat Trust 12 A modern narrowboat with a small open deck at the front.
Pitate clun boats in lock Pirate Viscount and Pirate Prince Camden (west) The Pirate Club 12 each A narrowboat and a wide-beamed boat with a small open decks at the front. Pirate Prince, the wide-beamed boat, is fully wheelchair accessible.
Narrowboat Lady Mildmay, with open front Lady Mildmay and Opportunity Hackney Laburnum Boat Club 12 each A pair of smaller narrowboats that have both enclosed cabins and large open decks at the front, making them versatile in unpredictable weather. Lady Mildmay (pictured) is wheelchair accessible.
Floating Classroom Beauchamp the Electric Barge Beauchamp Paddington The Beauchamp Lodge Settlement 60 A large electric barge designed as a floating classroom. This boat tends to be slower than other boats so plenty of time has to be allowed for trips on board. It is fully enclosed with heating.
Green boat in lock, buildings behind, passengers on open sheltered deck Lady A Greenford Canal and River Cruises 12 A small capacity hospitality boat offering private charter and meals on board.

Boat Journeys

Boats can bring passengers from any point on the Regent's Canal to the museum. Remember that you generally have to pay for the time the boat spends running empty before or after your trip as well as the time during which you are on board. The most popular starting points are, from west to east:

You should always plan your function so that it will not matter too much if there is a delay during your boat journey. Boat journeys cannot be timed exactly because the time taken will be affected by other boats using the locks and the tunnel. You may have to wait for the tunnel to be clear or for boats travelling through locks in the opposite direction.