Museum Layout

This page is a description of the layout for those unable to see the layout plan. It is intended for venue hire customers.

There are two floors. The ground floor is on two levels, with stairs or a wheelchair lift between them. At the rear, there is a glass window wall looking out over the canal basin and an area of raised staging. On this raised area there is a display of costume.

The main body of the room is dominated by a narrowboat exhibit which fills the left of the room as you enter. Immediately on the left as you enter is the shop and reception. There are exhibits on the right of the room as well but the middle area is a free circulating space. In the middle, towards the rear, there is a scenic bridge which takes up some floor space and then an opening with a fence, which allows people to look at the ice well.

On the first floor the layout is an oblong room with windows at one end and a door to the toilets at the other end. There are stairs to the left side as well as at the end opposite the windows. One section is occupied by the horse exhibition - this is immediately in front of the windows. Near the windows on the left is the entrance to the lift. Other exhibits are located around the perimeter of the room leaving a large space in the middle.

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