4. Battlebridge Basin and Bantam IV Tug

A look outside

Battlebridge basin, the rear of the museum, and the Bantam Tug

To the rear of the museum is Battlebridge Basin, also sometimes still called Horsfall Basin after William Horsfall who owned the land and had it built in the early 1820's. Once a hive of industry with timber wharves, a bottling works, a jam factory, flour mill and other industry, the basin is now a haven of amazing tranquility in the heart of London and an urban beauty spot. The basin is not open to the public but may be viewed from the wharf at the rear of the museum. It is filled with narrowboats, many of which are residential. The museum's Bantam IV tug is normally moored here for visitors to look at. Back inside the museum a plan shows the former uses of the various sites around the basin. In wet weather a good view can still be had from inside.