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A walking tour along the towpath of the Regent's Canal is a walk along a route of living history, with remindes of London's past to be seen and pointed out by our guides as you explore. Learn how horses trod this path and how they got out of the water if they fell in. See the mouth of Islington Tunnel, London's longest, where once a steam chain tug plied its way back and forth pulling laden barges. Look at the marks on the bridges left by horse towing ropes long ago, and see the new developments that have sprung up along this busy part of London's Regent's Canal. The walk takes a bit over an hour, and is an easy walk with no steep climbs and a mostly good surface. It starts from the London Canal Museum and ends at Camden Town. Notice the keystone of an original bridge in the wall at Camden, and soak up the past of this now-busy area around the three Camden locks.

Walkers gathered for a picture alongside the canal

Public Walking Tours:

Public walking tours start from the London Canal Museum and walk to Camden Town, taking in a short diversion to the mouth of Islington Tunnel. Discover:

Dates and Times

The Cost

3 flat rate for all participants

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to customers who booked in advance. If there are spare places they will be bookable after 1800 at the museum on the day.

Arriving for the Walk

If you are on the way and are late please call 020 7713 0836, we will wait up to 10 minutes or will arrange to meet at a convenient point part of the way into the canal walk. If the weather forecast is poor, please bring an umbrella or raincoat as there is limited shelter. The walk will not be cancelled due to rain. The walk departs from London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, N1 9RT at 1830

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A traditional arched bridge with path beneath and canal.

Walks available to pre-booked groups:

If you are considering bringing a group of at least ten people a special walk may be possible for your party by prior arrangement, combined with a group visit to the museum. Walks for groups can take place at any time of year. The following walks are suggested, subject to availability of a guide. Group walks are not offered without a museum visit. These London walks are specialist walking tours and a guide won't be available on all dates.

Cumberland Arm Walk

"Footsteps" Walk

"River Fleet" Walk

Low brick building behind lock gates, in the background tall ornate brick tower

Other London walks to try and ways to walk

Towpath walks are also offered by Original London Walks in co-operation with the Inland Waterways Association. These cover various routes. They do not start from the museum.

There are local guided walks available from Clerkenwell and Islington Guides Association, known as Clerkenwell Walks.

The Guide booklet

We offer a short colour guide booklet to the towpath walk from the museum to Camden, in our shop, at a price of £2.00. This is suitable for people to use on their own without a human guide.

The Mobile Walk

The Mobile Walk is a guided walk on the same section of canal but walking west to east, from Camden to the museum. The Mobile Walk can be undertaken at any time (not reccommended after dark) with the assistance of your mobile smartphone. The museum's mobile Internet home page is at and the walk page is at

The MP3 Towpath Tour

You can also download a guided tour of the towpath from Camden to the museum in audio format from this website. Use your Ipod, MP3 player, or MP3-playing mobile phone to listen to the history of the canal as you walk along it. Please go to our podcasts page to download the file (or a script for the hearing-impaired visitor)