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Environment Policy


The Canal Museum Trust is committed to sustainability and actively strives to be amongst the best performing UK museums in respect of our impact on the environment. The museum preserves our heritage in trust for future generations, and we accept a parallel responsibility to play our part in the protection of the earth's environment for the benefit of generations to come.

It is our policy to manage our operations so as to achieve gradual continuous improvement. In all development projects the impact of the project, particularly its long-term impact, will be considered at the planning stage and sustainability will be built into all our projects. We work in the following areas:


It is our policy to monitor consumption and to seek ways to reduce it. We use the most energy efficient lighting that is practicable, and we take every opportunity to reduce energy use, for example by installing more energy-efficient equipment that previously used when it is necessary to replace it.


We use water-saving taps or appliances to minimise consumption of mains supplied water.


We make procurement decisions with a bias in favour of eco-friendly suppliers and products. In particular: ·


Education is at the heart of our mission as a museum and we seize the opportunities presented by the canals to provide education on topics related to the environment and canal ecology.

Support for other "Green" organisations

Where possible we work with other organisations that have a similar approach to the environment and we encourage our own clients to use third-party services that are also eco-friendly.

Fair Trade

We buy Fair Trade tea, coffee, and sugar, whenever possible. Travel We encourage customers and staff to travel to the museum by public transport or on foot or by cycle so far as possible.


We recycle as much of our waste as possible


It is our policy to comply with all legal requirements for environmental protection and to exceed such standards whenever practicable.

Planning and Reporting

We plan for improvements in sustainability and include these plans in our Forward Plan. We report on our progress in our Annual Report and Accounts.

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