This Website

A User's Guide


The website is one of the largest museum sites in the UK at over 700 pages. We have tried to make it easy to find your way around. This guide will help you.

The structure

Because there are so many subjects and pages the site is divided up into sections. A few miscelaneous topics are covered by pages in the main directory, but most pages are in subsections, several of which are substantial sized websites in their own right.

Each section has its own home page. On the menus, section home pages are identified with a small H symbol in red:

section home page symbol

Those menu choices take you to the home page of that section. The menu of every section includes the section home pages of the other main sections. In addition every page either has, or soon will have, a menu option to go to the site map. This is found as the last item on the drop-down menu furthest to the left.

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