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Our London walks along the towpath of the Regent's Canal are walking tours led by a guide from the museum, who will explain something of the history of the canal as you walk London's watery highway. We walk from the museum to Camden Town, taking a short detour via the west portal of Islington Tunnel, then past St. Pancras Lock, and the three Camden Locks, finishing at the last lock. This is a chance to walk London's past, where tell-take evidence of a past age can be seen clearly when pointed out by our guides. The walking tour to Camden is leisurely and the walk is suitable for anyone including wheelchair users, but you should of course be able to cope with the distance of about a mile and a half (2 km). It lasts about 90 minutes and ends up at London's famous Camden Markets, which you can explore when we arrive (not evening walks). Your guide can advise you about the frequent bus and Underground services which can take you back to King's Cross if you need to return, for example to collect your car, or you can walk back in under half an hour.

A group at Kentish Town Road lock during a towpath walk

Public Walking Tours:

Camden Walk

Dates 2015
The Cost (Camden Walk)
In advance, booked online Booked in person, or by telephone, or paid on the day
Walk including museum admission £7.50 (Concessions £6.50) £8.50 (Concessions £7.50)
Walk without museum entry £4.50 (Concessions £3.50) £5.50 (Concessions £4.50)
Lunch-time walks Free but museum entry is not included
Arriving for the Camden Walk

There is no need to book in advance for the Camden walking tour, but you can book in advance if you wish. Online bookings are slightly cheaper than if you turn up on the day or book in person. If you are on the way and are late please call 020 7713 0836, we will wait up to 10 minutes or will arrange to meet at a convenient point part of the way into the canal walk. If the weather forecast is poor, please bring an umbrella or raincoat as there is limited shelter. The walk will not be cancelled due to rain.

After the walk

There are many things to do after the walk!

How to Book

Advance booking is not essential for the walking tour to Camden and you are welcome on the day without a reservation, but it is cheaper to use our Online Booking System in advance. All our Sunday afternoon walks in 2014 are on days when there are also tunnel boat trips taking place. If you would like to book both, please book the tunnel boat trip and also book a walk without museum entry - because museum entry is included in the tunnel trip price. You can book them both online, at the same time.

Free Lunchtime Walks 2014

Free lunch-time short guided canal walk from the museum at 1315 lasting up to 45 minutes. A walk around King's Cross supported by the King's Cross Business Partnership with a London Canal Museum Guide. Meet in front of the museum. Book a place. Online booking is essential. These free walking tours cannot be booked by telephone or in person. These walks last around 40 minutes and start from the front of the museum at 1315. The route is via All Saints' Street, Caledonian Road, the canal towpath, Camley Street and they finish outside the entrance to Camley Street Natural Park from which point it is a short walk to bus rail and Underground services. Dates for lunch-time walks are:

Wednesday 13th August
Wednesday 17th September
Arriving for the Lunchtime Walk

Lunchtime walks need to be booked in advance, although any unbooked places will be available on the day to late-comers. Lunch-time walks do not wait for late-comers. Please arrive a little early if you can. Admission to the museum exhibitions has to be paid for but the museum shop is close to the entrance and you are welcome to browse whilst waiting.

A view of the towpath with a wall to the left and an arched brodge over the canal ahead.A view across an expanse of water with a heritage building in the background, part of a lock gate in the foreground

Walks available to pre-booked groups:

If you are considering bringing a group of at least ten people a special walk may be possible for your party by prior arrangement, combined with a group visit to the museum. Walks for groups can take place at any time of year. The following walks are suggested, subject to availability of a guide. Group walks are not offered without a museum visit. These London walks are specialist walking tours and a guide won't be available on all dates.

Cumberland Arm Walk

"Footsteps" Walk

"River Fleet" Walk

Other London walks to try and ways to walk

Towpath walks are also offered by Original London Walks in co-operation with the Inland Waterways Association. These cover various routes. They do not start from the museum.

There are local guided walks available from Clerkenwell and Islington Guides Association, known as Clerkenwell Walks.

The Guide booklet

We offer a short colour guide booklet to the towpath walk from the museum to Camden, in our shop, at a price of £2.00. This is suitable for people to use on their own without a human guide.

The Mobile Walk

An indentation in the towpath houses a derelict concrete hinge. What is it?The Mobile Walk is a guided walk on the same section of canal but walking west to east, from Camden to the museum. The Mobile Walk can be undertaken at any time (not reccommended after dark) with the assistance of your mobile smartphone. The museum's mobile Internet home page is at and the walk page is at

The MP3 Towpath Tour

You can also download a guided tour of the towpath from Camden to the museum in audio format from this website. Use your Ipod, MP3 player, or MP3-playing mobile phone to listen to the history of the canal as you walk along it. Please go to our podcasts page to download the file (or a script for the hearing-impaired visitor)

London Canal Walks Website

Our dedicated website for our London Canal Walks is at