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Wildlife on London's Canals

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We offer a changing programme of temporary exhibitions. There are usually two or three exhibitions per year on varied subjects relating to canals and the ice trade. In addition we occasionally host art installations or other short-term displays.

Wildlife on London's Canals

From fish to birds, London's canals are teeming with wildlife

Until a date to be announced in late 2023.

Britain’s canals made their way through the countryside to the city, providing a highway for birds, fish and mammals to commute in and out of the capital – some from the most unexpected origins. The end of most commercial canal transport by the second half of the 20th century led to many canals becoming derelict. However, their increasing use for leisure activities has since led to the restoration and reopening of many canals and improvement in water quality and habitats. At first glance, the urban waterway may appear a harsh environment for wildlife, but a closer look uncovers a landscape teeming with life…..

Images of a bird with a red breast, the museum a cormorant and an insect