Ice Heritage Weekend 22nd and 23rd July

A weekend about the ice trade.

What's On

Ice weekend 22nd and 23rd July 2023. Fors some years we have offered a one-day opportunity to visit the underground ice wells during the Festival of Archaeology each July. This year we also have activities on the Saturday (no ice well visits). There will be a showing of rare film of ice harvesting, ice cream making demonstrations, and talks about the ice trade. On Saturday we have performances by Camden Town Community Choir who have selected songs for us related to ice!

Saturday 22nd July 2023

1000 Doors open
1000-1630 Ice Trail available all day
1015-1035 Camden Town Community Choir
1045-1115 "Mrs Marshall" ice cream making demonstration
1130-1150 Camden Town Community Choir
1300-1345 Tour of the building above ground with building historian Malcolm Tucker
1400-1420 Camden Town Community Choir
1430-1500 "Mrs Marshall" ice cream making demonstration
1515-1605 Camden Town Community Choir
1630 Close

Sunday 23rd July 2023

10.00 Doors open
10.00-16.30 Ice Trail
10.30-16.00 Ice Wells Tours
10.45-11.15 Mrs Marshall ice cream making demonstration
11.45-12.15 “ice” talk Brian
1300-1345 Tour of the building above ground with building historian Malcolm Tucker
14.30-15.00 Mrs Marshall ice cream making demonstration
15.15 “ice” talk by Brian Johnson
16.30 Close

The Ice Trail

On both days take an ice trail around the museum, a quiz helping you discover more about the way Victorian London was supplied with ice. Colect a trail sheet at reception and get exploring

Building tour

Our building has many interesting features that may not be noticed at a glance. In the brickwork you can identify signs of the changes that have taken place over the years, and see clues about the past uses of the building. Your guide Malcolm has studied the building for many years and is an expert on its features. 1300 on Saturday and on Sunday.

Visitors in the ice well, brick walls, mud floor

Book an ice well visit

Tickets are limited and should be booked in advance

Prices are £10 for adults and £9 for concessions. Museum entry is included. Concessions are Seniors (aged 65 and over), Students (with ID), children 14-16, and unwaged (with evidence). This is not suitable for young children.

There are also tunnel boat trips available on 23rd July. If you have ALREADY booked a tunnel boat trip you can use the discount code "ICE23" to get £5 off an ice well visit. Note you MUST book the boat trip first. Please ensure that you book both with the same email address and name. Any bookings that are made at a discount where there is not a boat trip booking by the same person using the same email address will be cancelled. To book a tunnel boat trip please go to and then come back here to make another booking for the ice well visit. Try to leave a gap between the two activities in case there is any delay on the first.

Please be aware that these bookings are not refundable

There are important restrictions regarding visits down into the ice well

These are:

To go down, you must be fit enough to climb ladders confidently and without difficulty
Minimum age 14
No loose footwear allowed. Your shoes must be of a type that cannot fall off. No sandals allowed
You may get dirty. Leave your best clothes at home
If you have a medical condition that could potentially come on suddenly whilst you are underground, do not descend.
You will be required to wear a bump cap, which we will supply

Note that the Gatti Music Hall event is in September, not July. Why not book both?