Some files and information you may find useful

Venue Hire

Here you will find some links to files we have made available to help you with your planning or with organising your event.

To ensure your delegates or guests find the museum easily, we suggest you download a map and incorporate it into your invitation or instructions. There is also a plan of the first floor and our logo and a drawing are available to use on invitations etc. A historical summary is available here to help clients tell their guests about the place they will be visiting or to pass on in full if your delegates have a special interest.

Document or file to download File format and use
Venue Hire Pictures to Print (Parties) Adobe PDF. Similar pictures to those in the venue hire picture gallery, in a format suitable for printing to show to a colleague or other use. (Note: Very large file - broadband only)
Location map Windows metafile - for incorporation into Word documents and other software
Location map Jpg - for incorporation into web pages
Line drawing of the front of the building GIF. For decorating invitations etc.
London Canal Museum logo Windows metafile - for incorporation into Word documents and other software
Plan of the building A detailed colour plan of the building. Note that the plan includes the second floor, which is not available for private hire or included in any veue hire.
Layout plan - small meeting room Adobe PDF. For reference
Layout plan - small meeting room Jpg version of meeting room layout
Historical Summary of the building Adobe PDF. For reference or passing on to guests
List of suggested Minicab firms Adobe PDF. The list is displayed at the reception desk during functions in the museum galleries. (Not during small meetings in the meeting room)
(Note that conditions for fund-raising events, events open to the public, and events run for a profit will be drawn up on a bespoke basis)

Adobe portable document format. Disabled users with vision difficulty please see for assistance with this file format. The button below provides a link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documents in this format, if you need it.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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