Lighting Effects

Enhancing your event with decorative lighting

Venue Hire

Decorative lighting effects can do a great deal to add to your special occasion. The museum building is always attractive, always has great character, and will look good on its own, but the addition of lighting effects can add a spectacular appearance that will boost the "wow factor" of your special occasion! There is no limit to ideas. Below we have some suggestions!

Ground Floor Wall Lighting

We provide, free of charge, a limited amount of decorative lighting on the ground floor, where agreed with the client. This is only normally set up if the ground floor is to be used to host the guests during the hours of darkness.

3 spotlights point up on brick wall

We also light the wall behind the narrowboat Coronis using various coloured spotlights pointing up the wall, during darkness, unless the client asks for something different. This is free.

Special Requests

We are not lighting specialists. For special effects we suggest Party Lights, who will provide a complete design and installation service for you. However we can offer some straightforward special effects at a moderate charge, as shown on this page, and we might be able to help with your special request. For instance, do you want all the lights to be blue? If you have a particular special request please discuss this with us. Charges will vary depending on the complexity of what is wanted and the amount of equipment we need.

Red and blue lights on wall, tables in front

Coloured Spotlamps

The normal lighting of the first floor can be changed by fitting coloured spotlaps in the normal light fittings. This makes for more of a party atmosphere, with a lower light level. There is a charge of £25 plus VAT for this.

The Uplighters

The Victorian brick walls have a warm character that can be highlighted, adding to the charm of this unique venue. The museum has a set of eight uplighters available.

Brick wall lit by several uplighters

These uplighters can be supplied and set up by London Canal Museum. The charge is £65 plus VAT or £80 plus VAT if you would like a mixture of coloured lamps to be used. Uplighters may be moved or removed during a disco, in the area of the dancing or otherwise when it is likely that they may be accidentally kicked or be a trip hazard. They are ideal for use during a meal that will be memorable for a long time to come! We can also light the opposite wall, which is above the horse ramp, with floodlights at no additional charge, as shown below.

Large Picture Gallery

Horse Ramp Wall

coloured lights focus on wall, tables foregroundWe can light the horse ramp wall with coloured spotlights to enhance the atmosphere. Alternativey this can be done with plain white lighting to bring out the character of the brickwork. A basic lighting effect on this wall is provided free. For white lights or anything more complex, a small charge may be made.

Lighting is of course more effective during the hours of darkness. Lighting can be used to make an already beautiful building extra special, to create the atmosphere that you want for your occasion. For example, you might want an informal, bright party atmosphere. Or perhaps you would like a businesslike, sophisticated environment for a corporate event? A candle-lit dinner, with illuminated brick walls and darkened dining area, perhaps with lights in the roof? There are many ways to enhance your event!

Roof Lighting

Pitched timber roof, inside, lit in green and redWe can hire a set of three environment-friendly LED spotlights that change colour and focus on the Victorian timber roof. These need to be booked with us at least a couple of weeks in advance. Our roof is lit in a feast of changing colour, or can be a single fixed colour. The charge for this including external hire arranged by us and installation will be quoted on request as LED equipment is constantly changing.

Pitched timber roof lit with changing colours

We have a set of warm white LED fairy lights that make four lengths of the first floor roof. The charge for hire of these is £45. This does not include installation. You can install them yourself or we can install at a charge of £50. However, if you are arranging labour from the museum for other set-up tasks then, if your timetable permits, these staff may be able to install the simple fairy lights at no extra charge.

Other Lighting Ideas

We are happy to discuss your own ideas for creative lighting and we may be able to offer to do additional things. Colour themes can be provided, and the increasing availability of LED colour changing lighting raises endless possibilities. Lighting effects in the ice well are possible. Bring us your ideas!

External Decorating and Lighting Specialists

If you want something elaborate or extensive you may need to engage a specialist firm. It is worth talking to us about what you want first, as in-house lighting work is usually going to be cheaper than the engagement of an external specialist. We can suggest the following firms:

Decorations for Celebrations - this firm has worked at the museum several times

Party Lights - this firm produced a spectacular lighting canopy, which you can see in the gallery

Alternative Occasions - has yet to work at the museum but specialises in lighting and decor hire, including installation and themes.