Team Building

Use the museum for team-building activities

Venue Hire

The museum offers a variety of opportunities for team-building activities, either arranged by you directly, or arranged through us. Every event is customised to your needs. Team-building events may be stand-alone or part of a conference or meeting..

Work on Water

As you would expect, we have a detailed knowledge of the canals and the boats that are available in London, to help you plan a team-building activity on boats. Working a 72 feet long narrowboat through a series of canal locks quickly and efficiently is a team task that demands good co-ordination, thinking ahead, and there is aa variety of roles that team members must play, under the watchful eye, of course, of a qualified skipper. This is a largely outdoor team exercise for one or more teams of up to 12 maximum. It is great fun and different, and your teams will see London from a different perspective. If there are a lot of delegates, a boat can do more than one trip, in which case a second team activity back in the museum is needed so that teams can do each in turn.

Other ideas

There are lots of other possibilities for activities that don't necessarily have to be related to the inland waterways. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll add some of our own when we know about your company and your needs.

Wine Tasting

We can introduce you to a company that can offer a wine-tasting challenge exercise. Unlike boating, this won't mean going outside in the rain or sun, and will require delegates to work together on a blind tasting exercise and reach a conclusion. Because the museum is not licensed to sell alcohol this has to be booked direct with the wine tasting provider.