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Venue Hire

A party goes better if the party venue is interesting. A wide range of parties have been held in the museum and guests often comment on their surprise at a party being held in a museum - and what a good idea it was! There is room for dancing, a disco or live musicians (live amplified music requires our prior agreement), and space for a buffet to be served by your free choice of caterer. Usually there is a bar set up on the first floor. Sometimes food is served downstairs, sometimes upstairs. We host parties with music on Fridays and Saturdays or other days when the following day is a public holiday. We've had Christmas, birthday, Bar Mitzvah and company celebrations, and we can advise you on how to make the best use of the building.

What We Offer At A Glance

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Add a boat trip

A boat trip on the Regent's Canal could bring your guests to the museum from Camden, Islington, or, time permitting, a starting point further along the historic Regent's Canal. Boats can be hired to convey up to about 70 people and the museum has its own mooring where guests can walk straight off the boat into the building. We can advise you about the arrangements if you are interested in this option to make your day extra special. Of course, you could also organise out-and-back boat trips for smaller groups as part of the fun!

Be entertained

Entertainment adds to an occasion and you can bring in a comedian, magician, juggler, or other entertainer if you wish.


Times and Availability

The museum is open to the public every day except Mondays, from 1000 to 1630. The museum is available for private functions from 1630 onwards. Our conference room is available to be booked for storage on the day of the function and also afterwards. This means you can have things delivered before 1630 on the day, your caterers can start preparing, and everyone can be ready more quickly once the hire period starts. If your guests are due to arrive before all the preparations have been completed, on the first floor, they will be happy enjoying a reception on the ground floor whilst catering staff complete their work. Guests should not normally arrive before 1630.

Public Events

Most events held at the museum are for invited guests only, or for members of a club or society. If you wish to hold an event to which the public are admitted, or for fund-raising or profit, you will need to issue a Temporary Event Notice under the Licensing Act 2003. We suggest discussing your plans wth us at an early stage.

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The Bar

You can have a bar, staffed either by us on your behalf, or by your caterer or a third party. Tables are normally all that is needed. We have plastic tubs available to use as large ice buckets for chilling wine. Provided that the host is paying for all the alcoholic drink, you do not need a licence. Alcohol cannot be sold in the museum without a licence. If you wish to have a cash bar this can be arranged - usually the caterer is appointed to manage it. In all cases where money is to be paid for alcohol on the premises the museum must be supplied with a copy of the Temporary Event Notice issued to the local authority - a cash bar cannot operate otherwise. This includes events for which tickets are sold, and alcohol is included in the ticket price.

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We offer two sound systems for hire. Our disco sound system comprises two 300w active speakers, a small mixer, and a wired microphone, with all the necessary cables, and speaker stands. This system is more than capable of filling the first floor with sound for disco dancing. It can be used by your own DJ, who brings traditional decks or just a laptop along. Equally, you can do-it-yourself using your own music player or laptop. We also offer a small PA system suitable for speeches, and for background music, usually on the other floor. You are free to engage a mobile DJ who brings his own equipment if you prefer, or to hire in equipment. External hire of a music system is normally more expensive than hire from us.

Live music performances are welcome provided they comply with our noise control policy. We don't host karaoke events.

All music ends punctually at 2300

Music Party Dates Available

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