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Please use this form to receive a quotation by e-mail and to check the availability of dates. Quotations are on the basis that there are no complications which have not been mentioned. We reserve the right to refuse a request to hire the museum and the giving of a quotation does not commit us to offering it to you - we will always need to discuss your function with you first. It is normally quicker to use this form than to telephone us and Internet enquiries receive priority over telephone calls. Please therefore complete this form if you can - we normally get a response back to you quickly. If you wish to discuss something by telephone please give your daytime and evening/weekend contact numbers. We won't share your e-mail address with anyone else. You can read our Privacy Policy.
Please read our availability guide or, for parties with a disco or similar, our music party dates available page- this is important!

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Reminder: On Tuesdays to Sundays evening events (other than small meetings) start from 1630

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