Audio Visual Services

Equipment for hire

Venue Hire

The museum owns a certain amount of equipment which we hire to our venue hire customers. We have a data projector, overhead projector, slide projector, screen and a DVD/video player is available outside museum opening hours. We have a small public address unit with radio microphone suitable for making speeches only.If your requirements are for something more complex, you require a technician, or you need a service with technical support, you can arrange to hire. This may be done direct with a hire company or, by agreement, through the museum.

Audio Visual and other Equipment

Flip chart

Flip Chart.

We have four flip charts available and the charge of £5 each. Price includes a supply of paper, and pens.

Data projector2.

We have a short-throw projector and a long-throw projector. Hire charge is £45. The projector will be set up for you if booked in advance. We have adaptors and cablesfor most computers to connect to these, but if you are using unusual equipment it is best to tell us in advance.

Projection screen drawing

Projection screen.

We have a large tripod screen (£25) and a small tripod screen (£10). These are used at conferences in the main gallery. There is a built-in screen in the small meeting room so you do not normally need to hire a screen for your small meeting.


VHS Video player with screen.

The size of a portable television, this is used to play VHS Videos to small groups. (Note, it does not offer broadcast television). (£15)


Large DVD player and flat-screen monitor set.

A mobile DVD player and 37" flat wide-screen monitor on wheels. This can also be used as a large computer monitor for presentations and displays, and powered loudspeakers are included. This is ideal for the showing of DVDs and Powerpoint presentations on continuous loop during conference breaks, for a presentation at a break-out group during a conference, and as an alternative to a big projection screen at a smaller conference. Note that this is not available for hire during public museum opening hours. The set can be taken to any part of the building. (£40)


Wireless speakers.

A pair of wireless speakers that can be used with most laptop computers if your presentation includes a sound track or a DVD played on your computer. (£15). These are only reccommended where wireless functionality is important. In most cases it is better to use the public address amplifier, as wired equipment is more reliable.


PC Speakers

Use these with your laptop for sound track presentations to small groups.(£5)

Portable CD Player

CD Player

A small portable CD player with integral speakers for listening to a CD in the meeting room, or for background music in the galleries .(£5)

public address with system unit and two speakers

Amplifier and Small Speakers

Our Amplifier and speaker set is available with a wireless microphone set and is suitable for both music and as a public address system. Output power is 2 x 50W. Inputs are 6.3mm jack socket or standard RCA phono sockets so this can be connected to a laptop, Ipod, CD player, DVD player or other device. (£25 including set-up by us, or £45 including wireless roving microphone)


Disco Music System

Our PA/music system is suitable for all disco parties, or for live music and is more than powerful enough to fill the room for your music and dancing celebration. We provide a pair of 300w powered speakers, speaker stands a small mixer, and a basic wired microphone with all the cables needed, and the system is set up for you by us. You need to provide a source of music, which can be an MP3 player, a laptop computer, or more sophisticated DJ equipment. You can do-it-yourself or bring in an external DJ, There are considerable cost savings to be made in many cases by hiring from us, compared to the cost of external equipment hire. (£85)

Note: This system is normally only available for events booked as music parties. A small system is available for events with only background music. The microphone is available until 2300 only.

Wireless microphone and receiver

Wireless Roving Microphone

Our wireless roving microphone is a high quality unit made by leading manufacturer Shure. It has a dual arial diversity design and UHF transmission for good sound quality and reliability. A microphone such as this is ideal for general speech making, and for question-and-answer sessions where you wish to pass it around the audience. This unit has to be used with an amplifier, it cannot be used on its own. (£25 on its own, £45 including amplifier and speakers)

We also have a wireless lapel microphone and this can be used simltaneously, for exapmple where a presenter is answering questions from an audience. The presenter wears the lapel microphone, the roving one is passed around delegates. £25 on its own, £45 with amplifier and speakers, £65 for both microphones, plus amplifier and speakers.

In the case of evening events, microphones are available until 2300 only.

DVD player

DVD Player

A standard DVD player, it can be used with our LCD projector and either our wireless speakers or our public address system so that DVD presentations with full sound can be given. (£10 )

 Blue lectern


A purpose made lectern with light to illuminate speakers' notes. (£5)

DVD Conference Bundle

Projection screen, DVD player, amplifier and speakers, LCD data projector, and wireless roving microphone as described above, set up for you in advance. (£105)

Whiteboard with projector built in above

Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a fixed installation and is on the first floor, in the gallery. It can be booked for use during a private event at £50. It cannot be booked during the museum's public opening hours (except for educational use in public). Note that the board is positioned to be suitable for an audience of up to around 50-75 seated theatre style. (Numbers depend on the type of material being displayed; the more detail, the fewer delegates would be able to see it clearly)


Wine and soft drink glasses

Our wine glasses are Paris goblets and we maintain a stock of 168. (£3 per dozen including washing). We also have a similar number of soft drink glasses that can also be used for beer, in a variety of designs.


Tea/coffee cups.

We have 80 tea/coffee cups that are normally used when we provide a tea/coffee service for clients holding events in the main galleries. These are available for hire if tea/coffee is being provided by a caterer or the clients themselves.


Table Cloths

Usually table cloths are provided by the caterer. Alternatively we can supply round table cloths made of a disposable, luxury quality paper material, at £7.50 per cloth. These are available in white, or cream and fit our round tables perfectly. Order in advance to be sure of your choice of color. If you would like us to hire linen cloths for you, we can do this. We obtain prices for this on a one-off basis from our suppliers so please ask for a quotation. Generally linen hire will be more expensive than the disposable cloths. Note that quotations for cabaret-style conferences are usually inclusive of cloths and set-up. For long tables, we can supply banqueting roll of the same quality cut to length, at £5 per table. This comes in a wide range of colours with advance notice, but colours other than red and blue may be subject to a minimum charge.


Internet Access.

We provide free Wi-Fi for clients in the small meeting room and, on request, during conferences and other events in the main galleries. For conferences in the galleries (Mondays/evenings) connection by cable is possible on a bespoke basis, please discuss your needs with us.

  Note that prices are exclusive of VAT and are per day or part of a day. We do not hire equipment for use outside the building.

If you need something more than we offer

If there is some other equipment that you need, we may very well be able to hire it for you. Please ask. is an efficient firm located near the museum, their delivery driver also sets up the equipment if required, and they usually deliver on a pollution-free bicycle. You are free to make your own hire arrangements if you so wish.